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Tiffany Valentine is the secondary antagonist in the Chucky series. She is Chucky's wife, a henchwoman and the mother of Glen and Glenda Ray.


As a human, Tiffany made her debut as a young woman who is 30-years-old, which is 9 years younger than Chucky. She is usually seen wearing sexy black lingerié and other gothic attire such as almost always wearing black tops that reveals both her tattoo and cleavage.

As a doll, Tiffany's soul inhabits a bridal doll she gave Chucky to mock him. The doll has green eyes and originally had black hair but Tiffany bleached it blonde like her human body. She also gave the doll a gothic attire and makeover. After taking over Jennifer Tilly's body, Tiffany later modified it to match her look.


Tiffany has a personality almost identical to Chucky: a profane, amoral, psychotic, and sadistic killer. She is an expert in Voodoo arts and an intelligent and crafty serial killer. She is also a Gothic individual who enjoys Bride of Frankenstein, listening to Gothic music, amongst other activities.

Upon discovering that she has a child, a new motherly side seems to awaken within her. She immediately feels guilty about her murderous past and desires to change.

Despite this, she later seems to revert back to her old ways. Tiffany is a muddle of different styles. She dresses in a Gothic fashion and can be described as a hopeless romantic. She has a "bimbo" air but is creative, inventive, intellectual, and somewhat feminist. Her temper is short and she is struck sometimes by remorse out of sync with her love of killing.



Tiffany Valentine was once the girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer known as the Lakeshore Strangler. She, like so many others, referred to him solely by his nickname, Chucky. Although never said on-screen, it is likely that Tiffany helped Chucky in committing his murders and acted as his accomplice. Tiffany and Charles lived together for years until the night Chucky was gunned down in a toy store by police officer Mike Norris. After the news spread of Chucky’s first killing spree as a doll, Tiffany spent the next ten years searching for the remains of Chucky, to bring him back to life.

Bride of Chucky:[]

Tiffany sets up and murders a police officer in order to steal Chucky's remains from an evidence vault. Stitching and patching the remains together with new doll parts, she re-enacts the voodoo ritual which put his soul inside the doll. When an argument reveals that Chucky has no intention of marrying her, an outraged and hurt Tiffany confines him in a playpen and taunts him with a bridal doll. Chucky soon breaks out of the pen and rushes at Tiffany, whom is having a bath, then throws her TV inside electrocuting her and leaving her Lifeless. he repeats the chant which transfers her soul into the doll. Stuck in the same circumstances, they need the Heart of Damballa (a voodoo amulet) buried with Chucky's human remains in Hackensack, New Jersey. To escape their doll bodies, Tiffany phones and tricks Tiffany's neighbor, Jesse Miller, into transporting these 'dolls' for $1000.

Several people are gruesomely killed during the road trip. Tiffany's particularly creative murder of a con-artist couple Russ and Diane in a bridal suite moves Chucky to proclaim his love and propose to Tiffany; she accepts and they have sex. Jesse and his girlfriend Jade Kincaid, who is traveling with him, become wanted for the murders as all evidence links back to them and Chucky and Tiffany reveal they are alive and take the couple hostage, needing new wheels they steal an RV.

The hostages instigate a fight between Chucky and Tiffany, Distracted, Jade kicks her into the oven and Jesse throws Chucky out the window, Jesse spins out which ends with their stolen Campervan crashing. Chucky forces Jade to his grave site to retrieve the amulet, when Jesse arrives to trade Tiffany for Jade. Chucky does so but quickly recaptures the couple and prepares to transfer Tiffany's soul into Jade. However, touched by Jade and Jesse's love, Tiffany stabs Chucky and they fight. Tiffany is stabbed in the heart by Chucky, and avenged by Jade who shoots Chucky to death. As she lies dying, Tiffany gives birth to a bloody baby doll which attacks the lieutenant.

Seed of Chucky:[]

Chucky and Tiffany are brought back by their child in a Hollywood film set when he reads the inscription on the Heart of Damballa. When they see he has no genitals, Tiffany sees it as proof the child is a girl and names it Glenda (feminizing the name, Glen, which Chucky had given to him previously).

Now going by "Tiffany Ray", Tiffany plans to transport her soul into the body of Jennifer Tilly (who happens to be playing her in the film). They also plan to impregnate her and put Glen's soul in the baby's body. Their plan is successful, as Jennifer swiftly gives birth to two babies, a boy and a girl. This works out perfectly as Glen/Glenda has a split personality: a sweet and caring boy, and a homicidal girl. However, Chucky decides to remain a doll, seeing that being human is not so great. Disturbed by this, Tiffany leaves Chucky, taking Glen with her, causing Chucky to get angry.

Tiffany and Glen go to Jennifer's hospital. Chucky follows them and hits her in the head with an axe for leaving him, thus killing her. However, at the very last minute, she successfully passes her soul into Jennifer before dying. Five years later, she is happily living in Hollywood while inhabiting Jennifer's body, and is raising Glen and Glenda on her own. On the twins' birthday, one of the maids tries to quit her job because she is afraid of "troubled child" Glenda. Tiffany tells her she can go, but then beats her to death with her doll body. Her eyes then turn green while she evilly laughs.

Curse of Chucky:[]

Nine years after the events of Seed of Chucky, Tiffany's soul still possesses actress Jennifer Tilly's body And She Continue Her Relationship With Chucky And Stitched Back Together Chucky And She Is The responsible for mailing Chucky out to Nica's home, facilitating his murder spree on the family he blames for his human death. She pays a police officer to get Chucky from evidence after Nica’s trial and once he is in his car she jumps up from the back and slits his throat with a nail file, like she did with officer Bailey in a previous film. Given the past events, it appears Tiffany has forgiven Chucky and still enjoys killing. The status of their twins is never stated; it is most likely they are still alive. Six months later, Tiffany mails Chucky to the home of Nica's niece, Alice, and he kills her paternal grandmother. Chucky then attempts to transfer his soul into Alice.

Cult of Chucky:[]

Tiffany visit Nica Pierce once she is positioned in Harrogate, she reveals herself as her niece's legal guardian, Alice. Nica was surprised and admitted that she looked like a famous artist Jennifer Tilly, and Tiffany said other people also commented a lot like that. When Nica asked how her niece was, she told her that she was died, thinking that is 'broken heart'. 

She also pretending of some depressed after her stepdaughter recently death, telling that Alice wanted Nica to keep the Chucky doll as a gift. She says that this is the doll they used in Alice's therapy to over the past, and would help her too. Before she leaves room, saying 'Good luck...' for Chucky as Nica refuses and go away sadly.

Halfway through the film, Tiffany calls Andy Barclay on the phone. When he asks who is this, she firstly reveals herself as Tiffany and then disguises name as Jennifer once she look at below such as someone telling her a thing. She appears following him at the street, but then lose track. She said that the cult member was three of them, and always growing. Tiffany feels that is will be fun if he can join, but replies 'Fuck you!'. She remember that Chucky have a message for him, 'disembowel', she said he will know what it means, and laughed at him all the way.

Towards end of the movie, Tiffany arrived at the asylum once again killing a security guard. Chucky, who have been successfully possess Nica's body, comes and reunite again with Tiffany. Once they both enter the car, Tiffany begins to joke that she missed Alice, and it was nice having her around. But Chucky does not care and they start laughing maniacally as Tiffany reveals about Tiffany doll alive sitting in the back seat. All 3 drive away through the night.

Known Victims[]

  1. Officer Bailey - Throat slashed.
  2. Russ - Eviscerated by falling glass from a glass ceiling.
  3. Diane - Eviscerated by falling glass from a glass ceiling
  4. Old Woman - Shot in the head by Tiffany (off-screen).
  5. Tony Gardner - Decapitated by wire with Chucky.
  6. Redman - Gutted with a knife.
  7. Fulvia - Head bashed in, cracking her skull.
  8. Officer Stanton - Throat slit with a nail file.
  9. Asylum Guard - Throat slit with a nail file.


  1. Bride of Chucky (Original Human Body) - Electrocuted by TV in her bathtub.
  2. Bride of Chucky (Doll Form) - Impaled in the stomach with a knife by Chucky.
  3. Seed of Chucky (Doll Form) - Axed in head by Chucky. Switched bodies at last minute.


Bride of Chucky

  • Her death in Bride of Chucky was an idea originally for Maggie's death in the first film.
  • Tiffany's car in Bride of Chucky is a 1960 Pontiac.
  • The handgun Tiffany uses is a nickel Bruni ME-8 police.
  • In Tiffany's trailer, she had newspaper clippings shown at the beginning of Bride of Chucky, including the date of death on Charles Lee Ray's tombstone is 8 November 1988, the release date of the first Child's Play movie.
  • According to Jennifer Tilly, the doll sex scene with Tiffany and Chucky was all improvised.
  • There was a planned album of love songs featuring Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly singing as their doll counterparts, Chucky and Tiffany. Its revealed in the movie commentary that Tiffany was to sing "Killing Me Softly With His Song", Chucky was intended to sing "House of the Rising Sun" and the two were to share a duet of "Hit the Road Jack".
  • The pet of Tiffany is a tarantula called Charlotte. The tarantula belongs to the genus of Avicularia Minatrix.
  • When Tiffanys pet tarantula "Charlotte" lands on Damiens face, a CG spider was used.
  • Gina Gershon was considered for the role of Tiffany Valentine, and was the second choice for the part after Jennifer Tilly. Both actresses had previously starred in Bound (1996).
  • When Tiffany's in the bathtub, she's watching Murder, She Wrote (1984) on the television which its episodes featured guest appearances by Jack Colvin who played Dr. Ardmore in Child's Play (1988), Beth Grant who played Miss Kettlewell in Child's Play 2 (1990),Peter Haskell who played Mr. Sullivan in Child's Play 2 (1990) and Child's Play 3 (1991), Jenny Agutter who played Joanne Simpson in Child's Play 2 (1990), Dakin Matthews who played Colonel Cochrane in Child's Play 3 (1991) and Brad Dourif who voices Chucky.
  • This fourth installment of the Child's Play franchise introduced LGBT characters. Ones such as the first male to do so, which is the implied homosexual David (Gordon Michael Woolvett). After Cult of Chucky (2017), Tiffany canonically became the first female LGBT character in Bride of Chucky, for being sexually open.
  • When Tiffany says to Damien about one thing she forgot to mention about Chucky, to which Damien sarcastically says "Don't tell me Smucky is one of those dolls that wets his pants" is similar to Childs Play 2 (1990) when Kyle is interrogated by the police officer regarding Chucky's bleeding nose she states to the officer "you've seen dolls that pee?, this one bleeds".
  • Tiffany also says to Damian are you ready for a "ménage a trois" which he doesn't know what that is basically it means in French "threesome".
  • In both her doll and human forms, Tiffany initially has black hair, but dyes it blonde. In real life, actress Jennifer Tilly has black hair, and dyed her hair to play a blonde.
  • The recreation vehicle Chucky and Tiffany Jesse and Jade hijack for a "new set of wheels" to remain inconspicuous is a 1988 Fleetwood Bounder.
  • Tiffany is watching The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) while in the bathtub. This movie was released in 1998, the same year that The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) was selected for the National Film Registry.

Seed of Chucky

  • When Tiffany reprises her appearances in Seed of Chucky, the wife of the man she calls to apologize to is the widow of the cop she killed at the beginning of Bride of Chucky (1998).
  • In Seed of Chucky, when the floor manager at the beginning of the film shouts "Hey, Tiffany's left arm is loose again" and then the arm grabs his crotch, this is an in-joke as revealed on the DVD commentary for Bride of Chucky (1998). Jennifer Tilly explains that Chucky's left arm kept grabbing her breasts during shoots.
  • Tiffany refers to Glen/Glenda as "Sweetface". In Bride of Chucky (1998), she refers to Jesse as this.
  • Tiffany said that she's not getting pregnant again as one is a blessing and two is a curse to which Chucky says that would explain her sister. foreshadowing when Glen and Glenda become human, as Glen is described as a blessing and Glenda is a curse, violent.
  • Tiffany reads 12 steps in 3 days which calls to the fact that most movies in the Childs Play/Chucky series take place in the span of 3 days.
  • At the beginning of the movie when the dolls are in Hollywood the star in the movie that they are filming is Jennifer Tilly, who plays Tiffany the doll. In the car with Chucky and Glenn/Glenda, Tiffany starts going on and on about how Jennifer Tilly is so amazing. She is talking about herself.
  • Jennifer Tilly's limousine is a 1998 Lincoln Town Car Stretched Limousine. The same year where Bride of Chucky was released on.